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Oil & Gas Industry has been absorbing a downward price pressure in the recent past. It is imperative to remain competitive under such circumstances. Operators need to optimize operations, reduce downtime and maximize the value gained while continuing to make operations safer.

Invasystems has a comprehensive suite of software for the Oil & Gas industry which unlocks hidden value and makes unprecedented productivity gains right from the reservoir to the refinery stage. This is done by monitoring the health and performance of critical industrial equipment using Industrial Internet of things (IIOT) and Analytics.

The industry has spent great amount energy in past decade integrating backend business functions by employing enterprise IT solutions such as Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) applications. In parallel, on the operations front, the industry increased field data collection by deploying more sensors, installing SCADA systems and storing data in Historian. Today the industry is poised to enjoy the benefits of such investments.

Data aggregation and analysis exercise from Invasystems software not only provides an insight into current operational inefficiencies but also sheds light on the areas which were not explored in the past from optimization perspective. Selecting right analytical and mechanistic models plays a pivotal role in identifying optimization opportunities, future sensor requirements and further improving the accuracy of predictions.

Focus Areas

Field Service

Despite automating many tasks, routine field activities play a pivotal role in managing any onshore oil and gas asset. The variety of activities includes flow line maintenance, the addition of chemicals in tanks, replacing rods and/or tubing, scanning of tubing, etc. A significant amount of data and information gathered during these jobs typically resides in proprietary databases, pdf files; Excel reports, emails, etc.

Solution: Field Services Mobility Solutions from Invasystems

Invasystems’ mobility based Field Services application efficiently carry out human intensive operations. The mobility solutions assist in acquiring key field data in a unified fashion, irrespective of the location or the service company performing the job.It is designed to help service engineers report events in real-time. This also enables service and asset managers to organize their resources as per operational complexities, and take proactive actions. Using such mobility solutions, operations can not only be managed better but also easily integrated with the company’s ERP Applications for improved scalability and value creation.

The ability of our iNotify™ platform to connect to any industry standard ERP solution enables 360o visibility of all work orders and captures micro details of activities from engineering tasks to critical health, safety, and environmental (HSE) data. Task allocation, approval management and the collection of such data becomes efficient, organized and available at the touch of a finger.

Our solution built on an easy to use and customizable iNotify™ mobile platform provides following features:

Field Process Management

Achieve improved operational efficiency through faster allocation, pre and post task approvals and much more.

Manage Field Activities

Create, Assign and Track Jobs

Customizable Workflows

Including Role Based Visualization & Reporting

Activity Reconciliation


Location Awareness

Geo Fencing and Geo Tagging

Seamless Integration

With company’s ERP Applications

Production Operations Management

Reading data from multiple sensors and feeds on a dashboard is always a cumbersome process. Leveraging our domain expertise and products, we have built point solutions which amalgamate right data from operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to provide an insight into many operational related issues and suitable actions to address them. These solutions help operating companies further augment their overall efficiency which leads to an increase in oil/gas production and reduction in cost per barrel of oil.

Solution: Analytics Solutions from Invasystems

Chemical Injection Optimization

Treating wells and flowlines with variety of chemicals to manage flow assurance related issues is not uncommon. However optimizing such chemical injection programs has been a challenge as this requires data from multiple sources including results of few engineering calculations. The right aggregated data model and associated dash boards of our point solution allow engineers to perform high level analysis of multiple chemical injection programs very swiftly – including:

  • Identifying wells with possible over injection of chemicals
  • Comparing various injection programs from different assets
  • Selecting best chemical suppliers and more

The neural network based functionality enables detailed analysis of a certain issue type (e.g. Paraffin formation). Such systematic study not only helps in selecting the right quantity but also right chemical and its supplier.

Artificial Lift Failure Analytics

Our point solution helps asset team in methodically analyzing different artificial lift systems including their failures patterns and root cause analysis. The aggregated data set for such analysis is comprised of selected information from disparate sources such data historian, production allocation database, field operations reporting software, ERP application and engineering applications which provide a wealth of information on the overall performance of the well. Many calculated variables cannot be measured easily and economically using existing hardware technologies. This blended approach provides an excellent platform for operational and information technology teams to act on operational issues jointly. The analysis includes:

  • Right selection of an artificial lift at right time during the life cycle of the well
  • Optimum set points for the operations of artificial lift systems
  • Predictive maintenance schedule to increase run life of equipment
  • Improved material selection process to reduce number of failures
  • Enhanced artificial lift system design procedure

Also, the data validation algorithms of our smart data connectors address commonly observed data inconsistency challenges easily and thus reduces the time spent on data reconciliation.

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