What we offer 

Optimization is maximizing or minimizing an objective function for a given set of constraints. We provide optimization solutions for various industries which address operational we well as maintenance related aspects. 


Operational Optimization  

In power industry many plants with multiple generating machines often run at part load. Such part load operation could be due to fuel or load restriction or any other operational constraints. In such operating modes, identifying the “optimal” load setpoints of respective generating machines helps save significant amount of money.  


Maintenance Optimization  

Every outage involves various maintenance activities. Typically, in Power Industry, maintenanceplanning engineers try to make the best out of scheduled outages and try to keep the down time to a minimum. However, OEMs do not provide tools to plants that can advise them on the best time and duration of an outage based on the thermal performance of all major equipment and the best combination of maintenance activities they can perform within the given constraints We use powerful non-linear solvers to solve such problems and build custom optimization solutions based on customer requirements 


Non-linear Solvers, Lindo (3rd party tools) 

What we offer 

Our Remote monitoring solution provides centralized access to data which gives an overview of individual sites of a fleet and a detailed drilldown to all the critical equipment of each site. Real-time data provides a clear understanding of the status of various equipment.  

Better asset management is done as remote monitoring allows to stay connected with all the critical assets, 24X7. 


Our InDB Historian collects and stores industrial real time data. The native resolution of the raw data is not lost as the data stored in our Historian is not compressed. Rule based alerts and notifications are generated for necessary maintenance actions. 


The solution includes a Configurable visualization tool that allows you to add new tags for tracking as well as new charts on the fly. The trend and its data can be sent as an email. Annotations can be directly updated from the trend. The visualization tool also displays the results generated from the predictive engine and the thermodynamic performance calculations. 


Our support team includes a team of domain experts (engineers with OEM and O&M experience) who have extensive experience in managing plant operations, combined with our software team who can provide services for  

  • Remote monitoring the health of all the critical equipment  
  • Thermodynamic modelling and thermal performance analysis of equipment and plant 

on a regular basis and quickly respond to customer related queries.  


Invasystems has a dedicated center of excellence for OSI PI which provides Implementation and Annual maintenance services for OSI PI.

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InDB Historian – Industrial data historian 

Visualization tool – powerful browser-based tool for dashboards and auto report generation.

What we offer 

Process and Manufacturing industries use lot of expensive equipment in their manufacturing processes. Maintaining the health and reliability of such equipment is very important. Unforeseen breakdown of any critical equipment may result in shut down of the manufacturing process or the entire plant causing significant loss of profits. 


Health of various critical components on industries can be monitored in real time by ProcDNA, our AI based anomaly detection platform. A combination of Artificial Intelligence and Statistical methods are used for this purpose. 


Equipment, process, data and sensor anomalies are captured in real-time data and presented through our visualization tool. 


Most industrial equipment is modelled for anomaly detection. Such equipment includes Industrial Gas turbines, Aero-derivatives, Coal Boilers, Aux Boilers, Steam turbines, Condensers, Major Pumps & Fans, Heat Exchangers / Feed water heaters etc., 


ProcDNA – tool for Reliability and Thermal Performance.

What we offer 

In order to have a meaningful understanding of the performance of a power plant, it is important to have a detailed physical model of the individual components that contribute to the plant’s performance in addition to an overall model of the entire plant. For such analysis thermodynamic models based on first principles are built using GE Energy’s GateCycle software or SimTech’s IPSEpro. 


Due to the flexibility of the software, such thermodynamic models can be built for any manufacturer’s equipment (e.g. GE, Siemens, Alstom, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, etc.). 


Site-specific & component specific design data are used to build these models and they are further tuned to match the performance of equipment at site to ensure accuracy.


ProcDNA – Thermal Performance Analysis Tool 

ExceLANCE – Thermal Performance Analysis Tool