In a highly competitive CPG market, real time visibility of the complex value chain provides an edge over the competitors. Gathering and utilizing such real time information are key for augmenting operations efficiency and increasing the market coverage.

Invasystems helps CPG companies achieve this goal through user friendly Mobile applications for primary and secondary sales activities and merchandising.
DNA offers companies a very sound ROI (Return on Investment) model for CPG companies owing to the objective benefits that it brings on the table.
  • Improved sales efficiency
  • Reduced “lost sales” scenarios
  • Reduced turn around at each node in the value chain
  • Improved logistics – Reduced primary and secondary logistics costs
  • Real time control over field operations leading to a pro-active decision process
  • Measurability and accountability to each aspect of the distribution process
DNA streamlines the process from secondary order taking, order execution from primary channel to optimising inventory in the whole value chain. This will single handedly help companies to make their distribution processes more agile owing to availability of data in real time across the value chain.

DNA can integrate with host of enterprise business systems non-intrusively enabling the decision making process in real time.
Benefits for CPG companies
  • Seamless visibility on daily product movement including stock transfers, GRs or GIs
  • Accurate information on sales, collections, sales returns across the distribution channel in real time
  • Effective measurement of target vs achievement
  • Reduced sales realisation and processing time (shorter order to cash cycle)
  • Streamlined sales returns and scheme settlement
  • Empowers implementation of KPIs for measuring sales performance on various parameters (region, area, SKU, channel etc)
  • An integrated platform brings C&F, distributors, retailers, merchandisers on a common platform for seamless sales information
  • Improved market coverage

In the CPG & FMCG domain, we are currently focusing on

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In today’s world, the one of the key objectives for the executive management of a company with multiple sales channels is to equip their sales team with the right information in the right shape and form at the right time. The level of information needed for achieving market expansion through different routes does vary significantly with industry.
  • Sales Management including Van Sales
  • Call / Route Planning and Reporting
  • Merchandising
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Companies today face multiple challenges associated with real time data availability. In reality such data can create a competitive advantage for them in today’s business realm. Companies having presence across large geographies and short cycle time between manufacturing and consumer, this lack of real time information leads to latency in the business process.
  • Sales Plans
  • Sales order creation
  • Approvals
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