Mobien Sales Suite


The Mobien Sales Suite on iNotify mobile Application platform offers industry specific tailored application templates for each of these industry verticals from Oil & Gas, CPG/ Retail to Cement, Power, Process manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals; across multiple functional domains. They can be quickly customized to suit specific needs of any organization. These applications can seamlessly integrate into a variety of backend IT applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle E-Biz etc. enabling the field personnel to effortlessly conduct processes like order booking, payment collections, filing daily call reports, merchandising operations etc. in real time. At the same time, the system pro-actively presents various KPIs like customer 360 degree views, analytical dashboards, promotion matrix etc. that help sales teams to up-sell and cross-sell and maximise their operational efficiency.

The Mobien Sales Suite streamlines all the processes right from secondary order taking to order execution from primary channel to even optimising inventory in the whole front end value chain. This helps companies make their sales and distribution processes more agile owing to availability of data in real time across the value chain. The Mobien Sales Suite can integrate with a host of enterprise business systems nonintrusively enabling decision making process in real time. A Strategic tool for superior business initiatives; it offers companies a very sound ROI model owing to the objective benefits that it brings on the table.

Complete Control at your finger tips
The Mobien Sales Suite has an integrated Admin Interface which lets administrators control all the data and user management. It enables administrators to create user logins and allocate devices to users for remote installing the applications on their device. The Admin App also lets administrators manage devices remotely to ensure uninterrupted operations in the field. The dashboard lets them manage and monitor all the hardware and software assets on their devices.

A virtual sales process at your fingertips

The huge spurt of smart mobile devices in the last few years has meant that mobility is now a game changer in the industry. New age companies have to deal with problems like fragmented customer data, expanding customer base, complex products, increased competitions, a larger sales cycle and an ever expanding sales force. Mobility solutions in sales let organizations achieve increased employee responsiveness and productivity with accelerated decision-making capabilities. All this leads to ensure greater customer benefits.

Invasystems' Mobien Sales apps on their patented iNotify platform are tailor made solutions for CPG /retail processing and the cement industry. It helps manage all stages of the sales process from initial customer connect to closing the deal. It offers them a centralized sales force automation that eliminates tedious repetitive behind the scenes manual work. This means having more key people to sell your company offerings. From quick access to critical sales calls and dealer outstanding information to allowing the Sales Officer to book orders from remote areas; Invasystems's Mobien Sales applications increase sales with actionable insights by ensuring best practices possible to drive revenue in a better way. Mobile Sales helps companies address issues of inconsistent market coverage, leakage of revenue owing to promotion related claims and low visibility on customer buying patterns.

The Mobien Sales applications uses its seamless transaction capability with ERP to enable track sales, execution and inventory. It can also capture information like sales and competition data. It is compatible with any android tablet and allows web interfaces for back end users like managers and system administrators. The platform has multiple implementation possibilities and creates a win-win situation for all your stake holders.

A real time distribution management system

The distribution industry is experiencing rapid change, where new business fundamentals are the key to capitalizing on evolving challenges and opportunities. Real-time network view & dynamic decisions have become instrumental for optimizing resources and managing demands for products and brands with different sizes, packaging, sales methods and increasing number of SKUs. The urgent need of the hour is to get real time information and tracking of secondary sales to reduce TTM and avoid stock outs or oversupply.

Invasystems's Mobien DMS (Distributor Management System) application on their patented iNotify platform is an integrated set of modules and functionality that enables companies deploy a secondary sales execution system for distributors. It enables distributors and sub-distributors in FMCG, CPG industries to perform/update/track their daily tasks in real time. Mobien DMS helps distributors with tools for secondary or tertiary order execution, primary order indenting, and inventory management. This simplifies your sales circle while speeding up the final product delivery. Apart from order management, it also helps distributors to generate their MIS reports and statutory compliance related reporting. Being an online integrated module, it offers a real time inventory management for distributors enabling them to effortlessly avoid stock-outs, excess supplies and control trade promotion spends. Generating claim statements against the trade promotions is always a tedious activity for distributors. With Mobien DMS, claim generation and settlement process becomes a completely automated process leading distributors to use their resources for more important tasks like business promotion etc. Mobien DMS can also be integrated with the back end ERP systems and thereby completely automating the process of primary order generation. The system offers flexibility in terms of choosing either the indenting or the replenishment method for primary order management. Additionally, Mobien DMS can also be integrated with the accounting system that would be used by the distributors and thereby completely eliminating the need to enter sales information for ledger accounting.

Real time decisions on point of sale data

Product presentation, Shelf positioning, in-shop branding and pricing are key factors for winning the customer at the point of sale. Growth and revenue of CPG/retail companies need regulation on the above key factors for winning consumers at the point of sale. For CPG/Retail companies, modern retail offers better shelf-space and visibility, whereby they can introduce more economical packs and the right stockkeeping-unit strategies. Improving the measurement of merchandising performance and compliance of shelf placement remains a challenge for CPG companies. Merchandising compliance, accurate and real time information on shelf inventory and competitor information would directly impact sales and profitability for them.

Invasystems's Mobien modern Trade suite of applications on their patented iNotfy platform gives CPG companies visibility in terms of how their products are displayed, priced and promoted with respect to standard guidelines. They deliver flexible enterprise mobility solutions that let you customise mobile surveys, data collection and workflow apps for cross-platform mobile devices. Mobien Modern trade applications have the ability to work offline, so your merchandisers / promoters can stay productive even if they lose cellular coverage. Data collected in stores is automatically sent to iNotify Server, where it can be analysed directly with common reporting tools or integrated with your existing enterprise systems. The app allows merchandisers and promoters to monitor product positioning, promotions done by the retail chain, in-store branding etc. by capturing photos, tagging those photos or adding structured data with forms. By improving merchandising compliance, CPG companies can ensure that their products are reaching consumers at the right time and right place ultimately improving their top line. It also lets promoters use the app to capture exceptions like “stock-outs”, competition promotions to enable CPG companies be more pro-active with respect to the “fill-rates” and inventory placements and dynamic pricing strategies.

Mobility adds a new and powerful dimension to influencer loyalty and management.

It is now possible to push your brand and services by connecting to key influencers and building your brand through their recommendations. Companies in building materials vertical recognise the importance of influencers and do actively engage with influencers like architects, plumbers, contractors and technicians. They are targeting them on the move for timely promotions and pushing them to endorse and spread the good word about their brand to prospective customers. In such a scenario; the immediate challenges for the companies are improving influencer satisfaction and employee productivity to get ready for the new rules of engagement.

Invasystems's Mobien Loyalty and influencer management suite of applications on their patented iNotify platform are a centralised and formalised program. It can be used to identify the key influencers of your brand; communicate effectively with them and use a data based approach to reward the high performing ones. These customised programmes are efficient, simple and clear. They make better dynamic content engagement to update influencer on current loyalty, points accumulation, redemption of loyalty points, product catalogue or Information about any new loyalty scheme. The app integrated with SMS gateway also has the ability to give an Admin interface to manage influencers that will help them to manage and enrol influencers and push application links . The architecture of the app makes it possible to make loyalty schemes for different regions and specific types of influencers. Invasystems' Mobien loyalty suite is an opportunity to create a deeper and meaningful relationship with your trade/channel partners and improve the engagement with influencers. Companies in other verticals could also use the same app to create and roll out a B2B loyalty program targeted towards the retailers.