Need for a winning Mobile App Strategy.

Having the information you need in the palm of your hand can be a true business enabler, whether you are in the boardroom, on the shop floor, at the warehouse or with a customer. With the proliferation of mobile devices, advances in wireless technologies and increasing maturity of mobile applications, companies are turning to mobile devices to help them overcome numerous industry challenges. Its very important for companies to have professional consulting service available to them to help them draft a future proof mobility strategy aligned to business goals.


Creating a high quality app that users love is challenging than you can think. Creating apps require you to think of so many different parameters – User experience, integration with social networks, integration of multimedia content and so on. Our experienced team helps you to build a scalable strategy with an immersive and compelling end user experience.

Mobility Strategy

Our strategic advisory teams bring in the best in class domain expertise in various verticals coupled with nuances of mobility deployments, operating systems etc to help you build a robust and scalable mobility strategy for your company. One of the core value that the advisory team brings on the table is their deep domain expertise. It helps customers to realise potential pitfalls ahead and build a foolproof strategy.

Delivery Services

Invasystems also offers an end to end delivery services offering which lets company design, develop and deploy complex business applications. Invasystems delivery services will help you to optimise the software development life cycle including business blueprint, design, deployment phases. Our efficient blueprinting methodologies help faster time to market with a more predictive outcome through prototype integration methodology.

Managed Services

One of the core aspect which governs success of mobility implementation is managing those heterogeneous information silos, disconnected devices, servers and networks. Invasystems also offers a turn key managed services offerings that help you accelerate the deployment through cloud enabled deployment. Our managed services teams along with our partners is equipped to handle the complexities of IT infrastructure and network security.

App Consulting & Development Services


Before we even consider the scope, user experience and other technology & design aspects of the app, there is a fundamental need to have clarity on:

What’s the user problem that the app needs to solve?

How will this app get momentum and what needs to be implemented to create a buzz about the app?

What’s the revenue generation model

Our consulting teams ensure that these questions are answered in detail to create a 3 prong strategy which drives the further design and development of the app. An in-depth analysis of app’s goals and objectives is very crucial to the core design considerations of the app. Our teams are equipped to think through design and functionality while looking at basic requirements and come with an intuitive and compelling user experience for the app. Our efforts don’t stop with a polished, functional app, though. We take things many steps further. Parts of our mobile app development strategies involve determining how to market your app, how to build buzz before, during and after the launch, and what’s required to maintain success and visibility in an increasingly crowded marketplace. This is not an area most business owners can navigate on their own, and requires considerable skill and expertise in developing marketing strategies that leverage best-of-breed methods. We remain your partner throughout the app development lifecycle. We offer cross platform development services which span across the mobile operating systems and offer development services both in native as well as hybrid environments.

IOS App Development

We offer UX, design and development services for both iPhone and iPad apps.

Android App Development

Our team offers extensive collective experience of more than 140 man years in design and development services for android apps.

Windows Phone Development

Invasystems is one of the premier partners of Microsoft mobile ecosystem with its extensive experience on Windows Phone and Surface platforms.

Blackberry App Development

Being a RIM Enterprise partner, our team specialises in development of apps on Blackberry platform and BES integration technologies.

Cross Platform

Our team offers cross platform app development services in third party tools like PhoneGap, Sencha, Appcelerator.

Wearable Devices

Wearables are the next frontiers for the mobility and our teams are equipped to develop next generation apps on Android wear, Google Glass etc.