At the core of the exploding digital future are mobility devices with theirtransformational power to drive end to end businesses. Viewed as a unique business process empowerment tool; these mobile apps offer rapidly growing businesses a chance to extend their ERP and CRM solutions to remote field areas and enhance the process through digital transformation. Mobility today, is a unique strategic advantage over your competitors. It increases workforce productivity, increases customer satisfaction, betters revenues and builds your brand value across all levels while reducing operating costs.

Invasystems with rich domain experience in Mobility solutions uses iNotify; a mobile application middleware to deliver flexible point and custom solutions through mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and wearables. These modular solutions developed on an award winning platform – iNotify, can be used to expedite “enterprise application development”. They address the complex web of decisions, business heads face as they contemplate multiple platforms, frameworks, tools, carriers and devices...

Invasystems offers end-to-end expertise to a diverse industry range from Oil & Gas, CPG/ Retail to Cement, Power, Process manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals for transforming their businesses by increasing efficiency, maximizing ROI and harnessing future growth areas. Invasystems's mobility practice was strengthened through the acquisition of Mobien Technologies in 2016. Be it competition tracking for chemical/manufacturing; distributor management system in FMCG/CPG/Retail or a doctor/pharmacy engagement module in the pharmaceutical industry; our suite of solutions enable organizations across various industry verticals to adapt to changing technologies faster and better.

A Mobile application platform needs to
offer these fundamental functionalities

Ability to integrate into diverse IT applications
Ability to be compatible with any mobile OS
Ability to work in offline mode
Capability to sync data without mobile internet as a fall back.

iNotify – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

iNotify is a mobile enterprise application platform that enables organizations to extend the benefit of their ERP or CRM solutions using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables. Robust, scalable and easily configurable; iNotify eliminates the complexity of mobile projects, delivering rapid Return On Investment, Out Of the Box Connectors, mobilize back office systems, Business Processes. It guarantees 'Always ON' Real Time, Network Independent Access to your enterprise data, which follows single device strategy. iNotify Mobility Platform leverages existing enterprise systems to efficiently mobilize data to field workers and enables enterprises to blend Mobility with their Business Processes. Its Service oriented architecture ensures seamless interoperability between heterogeneous IT systems deployed within enterprise

Major Advantages

Sync data even without mobile internet
offline capability for the apps
Custom workflows enable quicker roll out
Flexible & Scalable - On-premise or Cloud