Unified Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure

The One Intelligent Platform For All Stakeholder Company, Retails, Consumers.

A Mobile application platform needs to offer these fundamental functionalities

  • Ability to integrate into diverse IT applications
  • Ability to be compatible with any mobile OS

  • Ability to work in offline mode
  • Capability to sync data without mobile internet as a fall back.

Our Products

Mobien Sales Suite

The Mobien Sales Suite on iNotify mobile Application platform offers industry specific tailored application templates for

Mobien Van Sales

Van Sales is the backbone of supply chain management for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) companies in FMCG, CPG /Retail

Mobien Field Service

Mobility has changed the game for field services. Managing field service operations and ensuring SLA compliance is a major


Consumer Product Goods

In a highly competitive CPG market, real-time visibility of the complex value chain provides an edge over the competitors. Gathering and utilizing such …

Process Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, the automation of plant operations has always been a focus for the manufacturing cost reduction. Also, management of…


Effective doctor and pharmacy engagement coupled with up-to-date information on prescriptions audit report help Pharmaceutical companies enhance …

Facility Management

Effective doctor and pharmacy engagement coupled with up-to-date information on prescriptions audit report help Pharmaceutical companies enhance …

iNotify – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform


iNotify is a mobile enterprise application platform that enables organizations to extend the benefit of their ERP or CRM solutions using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables. Robust, scalable and easily configurable; iNotify eliminates the complexity of mobile projects, delivering rapid Return On Investment, Out Of the Box Connectors, mobilize back office systems, Business Processes. It guarantees ‘Always ON’ Real Time, Network Independent Access to your enterprise data, which follows single device strategy. iNotify Mobility Platform leverages existing enterprise systems to efficiently mobilize data to field workers and enables enterprises to blend Mobility with their Business Processes. Its Service oriented architecture ensures seamless interoperability between heterogeneous IT systems deployed within enterprise.

Major Advantages


  • Sync data even without mobile internet
  • Offline capability for the apps
  • Custom workflows enable quicker roll out
  • Flexible & Scalable – On-premise or Cloud


Multi Channel

Ability to port any business application over any device with any form factor and any mobile OS

Offline Capable

Built in secure storage enables apps to work even in offline mode or when connectivity is unpredictable

Data Sync

Ability to securely sync bidirectionally over GSM network even when mobile internet or WiFi is not available

Identity Management

Manage user privileges, data access and application rights through a central console remotely.

Enterprise Integration

Built in integration adaptors and SOAP architecture allows integration with any ERP/CRM and deliver the highest ROI

Business Workflows

Jumpstart mobility deployments by using our out-­of-­the-­box process templates and custom workflows

Geolocation & NFC

Leverage unique capabilities of mobile being geo aware to improve overall user experience and utility of the app


iNotify enables Customization of process workflows to suit your business and improve business process