Increased market Coverage with Maximized Order Placement
Lower cost per route
Improved upsell and cross sell
Minimizing lapsed outlets leading to reduced lost sales.

Van Sales is the backbone of supply chain management for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) companies in FMCG, CPG /Retail Industry. The key to growth and sustainability is greater customer satisfaction by speedy and effective route management without increasing costs.

Companies need a robust solution that seamlessly integrates into their back end ERP and in some cases along with DMS (Distribution Management System) to add the extra muscle needed to handle the high transaction volumes. They need to optimize resources and improve their invoice to cash cycle and at the same time reduce operating cost per route.

Invasytems's Mobien Van Sales application is developed on industry standard business practices to focus on route optimization, improved upsell/cross sell leading to reduced cost per route and yet improving theefficiency of sales reps.


Invasystems's Mobien Van Sales applications on its patented iNotify middleware is designed to generate a clear return on your investment thanks to manageable up-front costs of devices, easy integration with back-office systems and solid security capabilities. Everyone from your field sales/Van user to the finance manager or the warehouse assistant gets to be on the loop of the fluid architecture of the app. It takes care of traditional features like load-in, load-outs, sales, collection, inventory reconciliation and promotions giving you a cockpit view of your DSD operations in real time. Mobien Van Sales offers reporting capabilities that span route wise transaction and inventory reports, GIS based exception reports and competition tracking to enable you to stay on top of your operations. The app enables sales reps to capture the entire flow of delivery execution coupled with digitized delivery acknowledgment to seamlessly complete the transaction settlement. In addition it can also oversee your direct store delivery needs in terms of load management, DSD performance management, automated cash and inventory settlement process. In totality it allows a mobile integrated real time inventory with sales reporting and analysis from the many buy / sell transactional activities at the point of delivery connecting your driver, back office and sales manager seamlessly. A unique characteristic that drives direct store delivery made complete with an user friendly dashboard for you to be in control.

Invasystems' Mobien Van Sales can be integrated with BI tools for reporting via APIs. The app can be easily ported to any mobile devices / smartphones / handhelds to automate different process like inventory profiling, taking orders, generating invoice, sales orders, survey details making for better coordination between your retailers and suppliers. This in turn leads to protection from lost revenue and lost market share by eroding consumer loyalty and forcing defections.